Batch Your Life!
Life's a Batch Make Something From it.
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Hi, my name is Cordelia and I'm here to help you "Batch Your Life" with some of the recipes that got me through long 12hr shifts, busy weekends and fancy dinners. My goal is to create food content that will inspire others to make something special from simple ingredients and to promote joy and hopefulness using cooking as therapy. I have had my fair share of struggles and if there is one thing that I have taken away from this journey in life, it is that we can't control the adversities that challenge us but we can control how we handle them. Cordelia's Batch was birthed out of my own adversities. It was hard for me to find hope, joy and peace when life just kept getting harder and harder but I kept believing in God and that he would help me.

By faith, I wrote and tested recipes with very little ingredients to make yummy and satisfying meals. I desperately needed money, was working a full-time job and took a chance at selling my home cooked meals and baked goods to help pay my bills. Most times my investment to profit wasn't much, but I knew that I was perfecting one of the skills God gave me. I kept getting more creative, and each day, believed more and more that even though things were not perfect, I could have faith that with time they would get better.

I have not yet reached my destination and I am not running in a field of roses freely like the lady from The Sound Of Music, yet. But I have decided, that I have come too far to give up with out a fight. When I say "Batch Your Life" I am simply saying, make the most of something with what you have in front of you right now.  Focus on what you can accomplish today so that you can get a little bit closer to starting or finishing that adventure, project, or test.  Be a part of my "Batch Life" and cook with me and then we can talk about how we can regain hope after we feast because sometimes getting that nourishment helps us focus to achieve the next level.

Remember "Life's a Batch Make Something From It"

I appreciate your Love & Support XOXO